A unique retelling of the Orpheus myth drawing on Baroque music and folksongs from South America to Sicily, with a real-life Orfeo – the blind Argentinean singer-guitarist Nahuel Pennisi – in the title role. The resulting opera composed and arranged by Christina Pluhar reveals the mysterious shamanic side of the legendary musician who ventures into the underworld for love. The album is accompanied by a bonus DVD: the complete filmed performance of the vibrantly staged opera at the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo, Bogotá, Colombia.


Christina Pluhar – direction

Nahuel Pennisi – Orfeo

Luciana Mancini – Eurídice

Vincenzo Capezzuto – Nahual

Emiliano Gonzales Toro – Aristeo

Doron Sherwin – cornet à bouquin

Veronika Skuplik – violon baroque

Eero Palviainen – archiluth et guitare baroque

Margit Übellacker – psaltérion

Sarah Ridy – harpe baroque

Rodney Prada – viole de gambe

Josetxu Obregon – violoncelle baroque

David Mayoral – percussions

Sergey Saprychev – percussions

Leo Rondon – cuatro

Rafael Mejias – maracas

Boris Schmidt – contrebasse

Francesco Turrisi – piano

Haru Kitamika – clavecin, orgue positif

Christina Pluhar – théorbe & direction

Christina Pluhar – direction